Dr. Pia’s goal is to alleviate your pain and get you back to doing the things you love. 
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High Tech: Low Force
Most people think a chiropractor is someone who's going to wrack them and crack them back into shape. That’s not what Dr Pia does. 
She takes more of a hi-tech, low force approach using an instrument called an Activator. Dr Pia is one of the few advanced rated Doctor's using this techniques in the San Diego area. See what it is all about.

Instead of manipulating your spine in the traditional way, Dr. Pia uses the activator to isolate specific areas that are out of alignment. This small but powerful instrument delivers 32 pounds of pressure straight to the problem area without causing you any discomfort. All you feel is a quick and painless thrust and after you will feel a lot better.
What to expect!
A Physical Trauma, Chemical Toxicity, Emotional Stress or a combination of two or all three causes misalignment of the spine.
This is why Dr. Pia takes a whole person approach toward healing the body. She will take the time to educate and show you how to get your health back on track. Your visit starts with a consultation. Dr Pia takes the time to really listen to all of your health concerns and then after a thorough examination she will talk with you about the best treatment for you. This is followed by a treatment using the Activator.
Your Office Visit
Your spinal joints are first tested by careful measurement of your leg-length equality. This allows the Dr. Pia to detect dysfunction in your spine. Slight pressure is applied to your spinal muscles using the Activator® instrument allowing your adjustment without cracking. By applying a quick, slight pressure to a tight muscle next to your spine, the muscle relaxes and your spine falls into place without cracking or popping. The Activator® instrument delivers a controlled, light, and fast thrust, without causing undue strain to you. The Activator® instrument causes vertebral movement using a very low-energy force. It is the most noninvasive form of chiropractic methods today.
There could also be some home care instructions, physical therapy and stretch and strength exercises to help you with the healing process.
Dr. Pia is also a Clinical Nutritionist who specializes in nutritional guidance, weight loss and personal detoxification /purification programs. 
We want to see you 
get well and stay well
Dr. Pia would rather see you feeling healthy than to see you in her office all the time. So, she does everything she can to get you healthy. Fast. Each patient gets special treatment tailored to his or her unique health and wellness needs. She motivates. She inspires. And she truly cares. However it takes more than her commitment to make you well. You've got to take responsibility, too if you want to be well and stay well. 
Who needs Dr Pia’s help?
Dr. Pia's clientele consists of a variety of folks, from Tri-athletes, Surfers, Yogis, Computer geeks, Business Executives, Babies, Flight attendants to Pregnant Moms. Activator technique is not just for people with pain it is also to keep you well.  Her light force technique has been effective in the treatment of bursitis, migraines, PMS, arthritis, sciatica, fatigue, stress, digestive disorders, circulation problems; and all sports-related injuries. This gentle technique is perfect for young children. They actually enjoy the experience! Elderly patients benefit greatly from the technique, as it is the easiest for them to tolerate. Chiropractic care is not only for back and neck pain. The truth is, chiropractic care addresses a wide variety of common health problems stemming from dysfunction in your spinal joints. You can learn more about Activator Techniques by clicking on this link below:

Call for an appointment PH: 214 869-6404. 
Dr Pia is located at 11622 El Camino Real, Suite 100. San Diego. CA. 92130. 

As Chiropractors we have always known that ecercise and chiropractic is better than medication for Neck pain.  Now we have more validation:  

Check out this article for more info:

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Thanks for sharing this blog. This is very helpful especially like me who is experiencing unbearable back pain. If you are one of us, do not hesitate to consult to a Chiropractic clinic and live a pain-free life! Never ever take your life for granted!